Don't Trust on Fake Reviews Against RGCIRC Hospital & Doctors: Read True Feedback by Patients


Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute has had a very good and decent reputation over the years. The institute has consistently worked sincerely to reach the position it is at right now. Good reputation didn't come easy to the company. The Institute also had to cross numerous hardships to maintain its position in the present competitive market.

It is very unfair when the motive and goodwill of the company gets questioned and targeted by others based on some false reviews and fake rumours.

Such was the case with the prestigious reputation of the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute.

The Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute has always had a well-defined legacy of being one of the most reliable cancer relief centres in the subcontinent. The name of the Hospital first came into existence in 1996, and it has never failed to provide heartful service since then. People from all over the globe visit this trusted centre for top-notch treatment and care.

Recently, competitors and the ill wishers of the Institute have spread false reviews about the hospital to destroy the reputation and it consequently has become a topic of discussion for all. However, being acquainted with the Institute myself, I will suggest you to not form an opinion about the intentions of the Institute based on such fake reviews. I'd suggest you to go through the genuine feedback given by the satisfied patients of the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute on Doctors.

My nephew had the unfortunate ailment of cancer. He was diagnosed with second stage lung cancer. He had just begun his college, and there was a whole life ahead of him. He had confined himself indoors and isolated from the world. He visited Rajiv Gandhi Institute after much contemplation.

He went through repeated counselling sessions with the best doctors, and he now says that these sessions gave him strength and hope to fight against his ailment. He was told that he had time chances of survival. He went through a surgery under renowned doctors, and it turned out successful. It has been two years since then, and he is doing just fine. He thanked the Institute to give him a second chance at life.

During his treatment, I had the opportunity to interact with other patients. They told me how satisfied they were with the services provided by the Institute. You can do your research to read about all the genuine reviews and feedbacks given by its patients.

It takes lesser time for false rumors to spread than good ones. So, people fell in the hoax of believing that Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital was cheating it's patients.

From my experience, I can tell you that the patients are treated like family at the hospital and are not made to face any discomfort. The rumours are just tricks of rival hospitals to ruin their hard-earned reputation.

If you research, you'd know that in reality, the Hospital is expanding. They have increased their infrastructure to be able to implant two hundred or more beds. It currently has a total bed space of three hundred and two patients.

The bad comments featured on the page of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital Delhi reviews was nothing but a cheap tactic to degrade the positive publicity they will have from this expansion. Clearly, the Hospital is outshining its competition for a long time. With the constant army of support behind, nothing can stop the institution from excelling.

So, I would suggest you to read genuine facts and interact more with the past patients of the renowned Hospital before you make your decision.

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